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Of all the days you are pulled in a million different directions, 

your wedding day doesn't have to be one of them!

Hello beautiful!  My name is Amy Wyant, the lead stylist and owner of Gracie Mae Bridal Hair.  I believe so much that life has a way of keeping us entirely too busy, and we are always wishing we could slow down. This is especially true for the biggest moments in life, like your wedding day! These are all reasons that I believe so much in offering the luxury of on-site styling at your venue or location of your choice.  As the bride, you deserve more than anyone to be fully present during each moment of your wedding day, from the moment you wake up until you finally say "I Do."

On-site styling eliminates so many worries from your day - like the rush to and from the salon, tracking down the bridesmaid who is late to her appointment, hoping the weather doesn't ruin your style - and the list goes on.  These distractions are common and steal your focus from what this meaningful day is truly about.  

This all comes with my dedication and passion for bridal styling with countless hours of training.  There are many gifted stylists for you to choose from when it comes time to have your hair colored - yet very few who specialize solely in achieving the bridal style you desire.  

With Gracie Mae Bridal Hair, I give the gift of the relaxing, stress-free, meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime day that you envision.  



Gracie Mae Bridal Hair offers much more than just hairstyling.  I understand what happens behind the scenes on the wedding day that steals your attention.  Being a bride is wonderful - and sometimes it isn't easy!  I can help you know what to expect to prevent bridal overwhelm. 

Planning Timeline

You will never be wondering “what’s next?” when working with Gracie Mae Bridal Hair and I do much more than simply show up for wedding-day hair.  From the consultation to the trial to the wedding day, every step is put into place to ensure the most beautiful styles in the most relaxed atmosphere.  I provide a full planning timeline from the moment you book and every step of the way until your wedding day.

Bridal Party Communication

Communicating with an entire bridal party can be a challenge for any bride, no matter how close you all are! It is sometimes difficult to get answers from everyone and can cause unnecessary stress in your planning process.  When it comes to wedding day beauty prep, I take care of the communication for you so you can stop tracking everyone down and just focus on what is important to you.

Your Vendor Liaison

I will request the contact information for your coordinator,  photographer, makeup artist, and your venue owner.  I will get a sense for the timeline of the day and ensure you are ready with plenty of time.  You will be able to show up to your wedding day and feel taken care of, rather than worry about the details.

Wedding Day Guidance

Did you know that most often, brides spend their entire wedding day answering questions and putting out fires?  Being an on-site stylist rather than in the salon has given me an insider perspective on what the wedding day is like behind-the-scenes leading up to the ceremony. I can prepare you and your wedding party for what to expect that day and eliminate wedding-day surprises.



I'm so happy you asked!


Complete the Inquiry Form

If you're interested in booking, the first step is filling out the inquiry form!  This collects all of your important details (I like staying organized!) The link is at the bottom of this page.


Review Your Service Estimate

After I receive your inquiry, I will email you a personalized pricing and service guide. This will include your date, time, location, and estimated costs.  You'll also have the option for a face to face consultation via zoom!  I love ALWAYS meeting my brides, but I know you're busy!


Request the Contract

After you've reviewed your service estimate and we've gotten the details down, it's time to make it official!  When you request your contract, your date is reserved for 3 days to give you time to review the contract, submit the retainer, and ask any remaining questions.


It's Official!

Once I receive your contract and retainer, I will send you a final booking confirmation.  This guarantees that I am all yours for your entire wedding day! (That's right, I never double-book!)  I am so honored to be a part of your day!



Please follow this link to complete this short inquiry form as the first step in booking with Gracie Mae Bridal Hair!

This will help me understand the best ways I can be of service to you! 
I promise to always respond by the end of the next business day.  


For pricing or general questions, my pricing or FAQ pages likely have the answers you need!

For everything else, please email me at:  graciemaehairdesigns@gmail.com

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